Professional Objective, Process, and Trust

Our professional objective is to deliver the absolute highest quality service obtainable in our areas of focus, with the highest possible degree of protection of proprietary information. Our success at achieving our clients' objectives results in the achievement of our own business objectives.

Our professional process is thorough, highly documented, and strategically complete. Our professional style is highly collaborative, unobtrusive, and "easy to work with".

A high degree of trust is assumed that a doctor, lawyer, or CPA has the integrity to act according to the best of their ability, and in a manner consistent with how they "hold themselves out to us". Each of these professions has ethical standards of behavior that serve as one (of many) basis for trust. Our business requires those standards of trust, and we pledge them to our clients. There is no BAR, or CPA society, or AMA organization for our profession, so we simply adopt the ethics tenets of all three of them, and adhere to those standards of protection of our clients' proprietary information, and personal privacy.

The best testament to our track record with respect to our professional ethics is the same as for our professional effectiveness --Our satisfied clients who are willing to report to you. Our corporate client list is available on request. A transaction record of the deals we have structured is also available.